Our Team

The studio behind the production of Ookeenga

TAO TUAN LINH - CEO & Game Director

15 years experience in Design, Animation, and Game Development. Graduating from Unitec Auckland 2012 (design and animation), he taught at Hoa Binh university in Ha Noi and private design school FPT Arena before producing games with his studio for 7 years. He has since worked on stories and been the production lead of many projects in the industry.


Hai has experience as a Technical Manager since 2014 for various technological ecosystems. His vision is to create solutions along the entire value chain focusing on financial services.


Over 10 years of experience in the IT industry and 3 years as a high-level manager before starting his own business, Thien - COO of CROS, makes the most effective company management plan to bring the best of every member's abilities into the projects.


Being a professional writer with 4 years as a content manager and 7 years as a book author, Trong has a strong knowledge and sense of human insight. He takes the role of CROS CMO, making sure that all the team’s messages will make their way to the users' minds and hearts.

NGUYEN DUC HOANG - Game Designer

Hoang is a game designer at CROS, the backbone of every game. He is a researcher and lecturer in Game Design & Development, VR Technology at PTIT, with a Ph.D. in VR Technology. Having been the CEO of Beenet Game Publisher and Coordinator with Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, he continues to chase his life motto "turn dreams in real life into reality in virtual life" in CROS products.

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