The Krakee (Cricket)

"Only those who burrow deep enough

Shall savor the brilliance of life."

<Kaban Scripture - Krakee>

The Krakee are the only tribe among the Akhah to spend their entire lives living underground. Their favorite pastime is exploring and digging up the secrets hidden deep beneath the Sacred Forest.

They are renowned for their intelligence and psychic abilities. Due to their military prowess, the Krakee are the only tribe to tread openly into the territories of other tribes.

With the ability to tame many types of Ika, it is even rumored that the Krakee Chief owns a Moong.

However, to this day, no one has been able to uncover the secrets hidden by them.

The Krakee's weakness is said to be the bond between a member and their Ika.

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