*The gameplay and functions will be adjusted during the game development period.

PVE feature is the player's journey to lead the tribe through the lands, battle against the army of the Akhah (the Pureblood) species, and face Amoik (The Mother Insect) to regain possession of the Source Tree.

PVE mode is divided into many stages. At the end of each stage, players have to defeat the stage’s final boss. Players will receive direct resources when first defeating an enemy or a treasure chest with random rewards instead of replay times. After passing the boss stage, the player can go to the next zone. It is expected that there will be 5 zones in the current version.

The number of times to farm will increase gradually according to the zone level. Players have to wait until the next day to reset after reaching the limit.

Players also have the stamina of 20 fighting turns a day, regenerated at a fixed time.

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