- Players will be placed on a field, using Troops or Spells to attack the opponent, whoever destroys the opponent's main tower or destroys more towers will win.

  • The PvP match will have 3 phases. The duration of the first phase will last for 3 minutes. In the first 2 minutes, the gameplay will run like default. After that, the game will switch to x2 Oom mode.

  • In case there is no winner after 3 minutes, the match will move on to the second phase called "Suddenly Death Phase" for 2 minutes. In Phase 2, the x2 Oom mode will be applied in the first one minute. If there is still no winner, we will triple the Oom generated speed.

  • If the match is still inconclusive after Phase 2, the game will switch on Phase 3 - Tiebreaker Phase. In Phase 3, the battle will stop running, all the Troops - Spells - Projectiles will disappear. All remaining towers will be drained at the same rate. When any tower explodes, the player who owns the exploded tower will be forfeited. In case 2 towers of 2 players explode at the same time, the game will be considered a draw.

- The number of PvP playing turns per day is unlimited.

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