The Montak (Moth)

"Petals dancing in the air

Let beauty be your strength."

<Kaban Scripture - Montak>

Out of the 5 Akhah races, the Montak have the shortest lifespan. Their maturation also remains the most arduous, but their elegance is beyond compare in all of the Sacred Forest.

During their larval stage, a Montak is completely defenseless, so they are raised in a common area and protected by adults until fully evolved.

The Montak's source of sustenance is tree sap, which is why Kaban granted them phytokinesis in the Great Evolution.

They can use vines to entangle, thorns to sting, and poison flowers to discombobulate. When combined with their intrinsic flight, these abilities help them prevail in every battle taking place throughout the damp forests.

However, without the advantage of terrain, they become easy prey, especially with the Antuk's ability to use lightning.

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