*The gameplay and functions will be adjusted during the game development period.

There are two types of treasure; the first one can be bought on the market by Kab and OKG, the other is rewarded after each battle. Buyable treasures give players NFT item fragments, NFT items, OKG, Kab, resource, and items. Rewarded treasures take a certain time to open, but you can skip it by using Kab to receive Kab, Resource, and NFT item fragments (rare). Chests are classified into four types:

  • Common: obtained in low-level PvE with high appearance rate (silver chest)

  • Rare: obtained in medium level PvE with high appearance rate (gold chest)

  • Epic: obtained in high-level PvE with high appearance rate (quartz chest)

  • Legend: obtained in super/boss level PvE (diamond chest)

You can collect treasure chests in your sack and open them at any desired time. The player must open numbers of the rare chest in the set time or by tokens. When you haven’t got land and craft, the rewards are in-game tokens and white cards by tribe (a total of 20 card types). Otherwise, you will receive in-game tokens, white cards by tribe, and resources. The open chest rate is presented in the table below:

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